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This page has summaries and links for more details on a number of studies based on Gypsy, Traveller and Roma people.


Consultation Summaries relating to Gypsy and Traveller Sites


Draft Guidance on the Design of Sites for Gypsies and Travellers

This consultation seeks views on good practice for the design of gypsy and traveller sites that is intended to provide potential developers and existing site owners with an understanding of the design features needed to help ensure a site is successful and easy to manage and maintain.

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The Housing Support Needs of Gypsies and Travellers in West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and York

The seven 'Supporting People' Administering Authorities (Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, Wakefield, North Yorkshire and York) jointly commissioned a research project to investigate the housing related support needs of Gypsies and Travellers across West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and York. Read the final report and executive summary by downloading the Word Documents below.

Executive Summary

The Report

Report on the Health and Site Needs of the Transient Gypsies and Travellers of Leeds

This is a Leeds study of the health needs and site availability for transient Gypsies and Travellers. Read more in the Health Section.

Health Section


National Health Study for Gypsies and Travellers

The results of the 2-year study into the health of Gypsy Travellers and their access to health services were launched on Friday 1st October 2004 in the Friends Meeting House, Duston Road, London. This research, funded by the Department of Health, provided the first valid and reliable estimate of the health needs of Gypsy Travellers in England.

Three reports are up on their website: a summary report, the full report and the qualitative findings. All three documents are downloadable as pdf files.

Read more here in the Health Section.

Health Section


Roma/Gypsies In Europe – The Quintessence Of Intercultural Education

By Ivatts, Arthur R. Her Majesty’s Inspector of Schools (Retired)

This UNESCO Paper sets out to describe the current state of the position of the Roma/Gypsies in a pan-European context.

It briefly traces the history of these racially abused communities who have been so marginalised that their juxtaposition in modern day Europe can be likened to a European style of ‘apartheid’. The paper continues by detailing an educational audit of policy and provision for Roma/Gypsies in many parts and countries of Europe. The context and need for successful integration of Europe’s largest minority ethnic group(s), is thus firmly established. The paper continues in positive vein by describing the UK’s experience in successfully integrating Roma/Gypsy/Traveller children into mainstream ordinary schools. The philosophical principles undying these encouraging developments are stressed in a way that recommends their replication in other countries of Europe. Roma/Gypsies are the Jewel in the European Crown. Their integration through education represents an almost unique opportunity to develop educational policy and practice which is the quintessence of sound Intercultural Education. "We know what to do–What is lacking is the Will." Keywords: Roma, Gypsies, Travellers, Nomadic, Social Exclusion/Inclusion, Racism.

Download report (Word Document - 67Kb)

Room to Roam: England's Irish Travellers

This three year research programme is now complete and the findings have been published. The report was formally launched at a conference in central London on 23 September 2004.

In general, the research found that there was a lack of recognition of the specificity of the position, culture and experiences of Irish Travellers. This lack of recognition inhibits the ability of statutory and non-statutory agencies to develop appropriate support and outreach for Irish Travellers. More specifically, Room to Roam provides new information and research about the experiences of Irish Travellers in Britain in their relationships with health, welfare, criminal justice and educational agencies.

It is hoped that the report will offer a starting point for further investigation into the health and welfare needs of the Irish Traveller community, and that it will contribute to the empowerment, improved quality of life and life chances of that community, particularly in the spheres of health, education and social welfare. It is also hoped that the report will encourage and assist statutory bodies and other agencies in the development of progressive strategies and policies in relation to the Irish Traveller community in Britain, and that it will lead to an improvement in health and welfare service delivery.

In addition, it is intended that over the course of the next three years the report will provide the basis for a number of smaller, targeted publications dealing with specific areas addressed in the main report.

Download the Report from their website

Discussion Papers on the G & TLRC Website

A draft discussion paper on the proposed temporary stop notices can be accessed at the Travellers Law website. The G & TLRC has also advocated land swap as one alternative to eviction. Both discussion papers on this can be downloaded by clicking here.

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Gypsies and Travellers Leeds Baseline Census 2004-2005

Maureen Baker MBE, Chairperson of the Race Equality Advisory Forum Gypsies and Travellers Working Group, has completed an excellent piece of Research which provides baseline demographic data about the Gypsy and Traveller communities in Leeds. It also acts as an exemplary model of community based research.

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The Romani Linguistics Page
Information on Romani Language and Linguistics

This site provides information on the Romani language and on linguistic research on Romani. The site is operated by the Manchester Romani Project – a cluster of academic research activities based at the School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures at the University of Manchester.

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Education reports

Education Reports

Pile of reports

A summary of different Education Reports regarding Traveller children 1967 - 2001.


Destitution in Leeds

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The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust has published research on its inquiry into destitution among failed asylum seekers: 'Destitution in Leeds: The experiences of people seeking asylum and supporting agencies'. Follow the link below and search for "Destitution in Leeds" on the home page.

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Also read about

Making a Difference

The Travellers Health Partnership work to improve the health and living conditions of Travellers in Leeds. Read about their report 'Making a Difference.'

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A Better Road

A Better Road is a booklet produced by Derbyshire Gypsy Liaison Group in collaboration with the Derbyshire Traveller Issues Working Group. The following text is an introduction from the booklet itself.

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